The Cat in the Box!

When I started to develop the worlds of Earth, Arthe and Thera it was with an underpinning of quantum physics. These ideas shook the world when first formulated and even Einstein could not rationalise what was proposed. Here’s my light hearted take on that struggle….

In Newton’s time an apple fell, it fell upon his head
he cried with glee, the science clear
of gravity both far and near
to new laws of science he was led

But wait said Bohr, of what Newton saw
that apple wasn’t real,
it may have hurt, and led him to blurt,
those laws that made him famous

But dear Sirs, until it’s observed
nothing in this world of ours, exists
Einstein cried, “God does not play dice”
this idea of yours Bohr, is short of sight

Schrodinger said, lets all think calmly
If we agree with Bohr, the world will think us balmy
Now think of a cat, in a box
the lid is closed, and let’s take stock

The state of my fictional cat, Bohr would have us believe
is both dead and alive with equal uncertainty
this cannot be, by all that we know
this quantum madness has to go

But time would serve Bohr’s madness well
Things in two places at once, is now what science tells
So the cat in the box is both alive and dead
A true paradox that will forever mess with your head

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