The Lost City of Eth

A title change and some significant re-writing but Part 2 of The Chronicles of Daniel Stone is in final editing stage! The story picks up after the battle in London with the Keepers all back on Thera.

Smee is still at large but they now have to contend with a new crisis on Arthe. Heat Pirates under the command of the mysterious Olympus Mons, operating from his base in the lawless Americas is steeling energy and selling it cheap. The United States of Africa, the worlds supplier of energy, is progressively being taken to breaking point and they don’t know why!

Albertus despatches Keepers to Arthe to investigate Mons and to Earth to keep on the trail of Smee. Meanwhile Daniel is sent back to school on Thera as he tries to come to terms with the events in London.

Three storylines intertwine on Earth, Arthe and Thera as the Keepers must avoid the End of Days – a conflagration of events that puts all three worlds into imbalance at once….

Grateful thanks to Daniel Styler graphic artist who has kindly done the artwork.


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