The Library of Souls

I’m pleased with the way the writing is progressing on Part 2 of the Chronicles of Daniel Stone. Currently coming to the end of Chapter 5 The Bridge of Eth. Things are not going well for the Keepers and their friends and Lucius, James and Everett have been captured by Olympus Mons….


So What is the Library of Souls?

At the intersection of Earth, Arthe & Thera is the Library of Souls. It is from here that a new born soul is sourced and it is too here it is sent when it’s current holder dies. Souls grow and merge as each life they live adds to their history. The library contains the entire source of human knowledge and it is from the library that the Great Book, used only by the Keeper of Peace at Tolemak, draws its information.

Find out what all this means in the first The Seventh Seal Part 1 of: the Chronicles of Daniel Stone


Part 2 of the Chronicles of Daniel Stone

Currently work is going well on Part 2! Smee is trapped in London trying to work out how to get back at the Keepers whilst their attentions have been drawn to Arthe where a mysterious man, Olympus Mons is heading up an army of Heat Pirates who are stealing heat from Arthe’s world energy suppliers and selling it cheap on the black market.

Daniel has been sent back to school on Thera and is coming to terms with his actions in the battle on Bartholomew Lane and Calum Shurman now dark to his core is also seeking revenge on Daniel for the death of his mother….

More to come as the story unfolds but in the meantime you can find out how they get to this point in Part 1



New Reveiw

This book both respects parent’s intelligence whilst motivates kids to tackle its complexity, a true measurement of brilliant literature. The play on perspectives makes it atmospheric and intriguing from the very first page. Surprisingly imaginative narrative that fuses a plethora of genres (physics, history, mystery) weaves throughout this tail of multi-universes. Daniel Stone is set to be an epic hero – akin to Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker.